On Vaccine Silliness

The percentage of Americans saying they won’t get the COVID vaccine is thankfully declining. It was 30% in February, down to 20% in mid-April. Republicans are most resistant with roughly half saying they won’t get it. Among the Republican holdouts are a portion that apparently believe the vaccine is injecting a microchip to track our every move. Perhaps that famous 1966 sci-fi thriller has come to be.

A more rational reason for resistance includes fear over the speed with which the vaccines were created. I think enough people have now been vaccinated that we can put this fear to rest. The J&J blood clots were/are a risk, but the occurrences are 0.00009%. To give some context, widely used oral contraceptives carry a clotting risk of 0.1%. I have to wonder how many of those now resisting J&J take one or more of the medications we see advertised on TV where 90% of the ad lists all the many side effects, death included.

I have an idea that I’ve not heard suggested: Since only women appear at risk with J&J, small as it is, why not steer men towards J&J and women towards Moderna and Pfizer? The only problem may be that people are now reluctant to take their second Moderna or Pfizer shots due to the J&J issue. Is getting COVID the better alternative? And how many of these vaccine resisters are also mask resisters? Prudent caution is one thing, but all this is a bit silly.

Image is promotional poster for the film Fantastic Voyage. Fair Use is claimed for editorial purposes.
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