On Thomas Sankara: “Africa’s Che Guevera”

I was glancing through WordPress this afternoon, the service that hosts my two blogs, when I was pleased to stumble upon a post about Thomas Sankara (see below). You don’t see Sankara mentioned often — which is our loss. He was a remarkable man and leader. Sankara led a popular revolutionary government in Africa’s Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) from 1983 until his assassination in 1987. Under his leadership of just a few years, Sankara gave voice and empowerment to the country’s peasants, workers, women and youth as they built wells, erected housing, led literacy drives and carried out immunization campaigns to fight disease.

In particular, Sankara stood out for his understanding of women’s oppression and the political strategy needed to end it. Sankara’s book Women’s Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle is a short but powerful read.

If you have a moment, here’s the post I found:

As an individual who has spent a small portion of their life living in Cuba; veneration and wonderment for Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso “Africa’s Che Guevera” has never escaped my milieu. With his ascension to power in 1983 by way of a bloodless coup d’étatat, at the age of 33 years old Thomas Sankara […]

Thomas Sankara: Africa’s Greatest President — After Decadence

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