On An Interview with Anthony Fauci

Most of the TV interviews I’ve seen with Dr. Fauci and other medical authorities have been quick and truncated with lots of interruptions. Points get half made and then the interviewer rushes them onto another point before the commercial break.

I found this refreshing 23-minute interview on YouTube with Dr. Fauci that allows him to complete his thoughts without distraction. Which is important. There are lots of critical details we need to understand, but the hyperbolic politicized environment these days makes it very difficult.

In this interview Fauci addresses all the big questions and issues these days. Why does the guidance keep changing? Doesn’t this prove that scientists and doctors don’t know anything, or worse are consciously lying to us? Why were we first told not to wear masks and then later to wear them? Do they actually work, and how do we know? Are the vaccines really safe, and how do we know? Should kids get vaccinated? Why did Fauci supposedly say that some people should continue wearing masks, maybe presumably forever?

I encourage everyone to take 23 minutes and watch this interview.

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