On Call to End the Cuban Embargo

I have a very simple proposal to ease the hardships in Cuba where we hear reports this week about demonstrations demanding food and access to vaccines and medicine: End the criminal blockade and embargo against Cuba that has lasted over 60 years60 years!

Many people reading this probably weren’t born yet when the embargo began. The U.S. wags its finger cynically at the Cuban government claiming socialism is a failure, but the tremendous domestic and international accomplishments of the Cuban Revolution prove otherwise (see Resources below). Still it’s true that the embargo has a negative impact. Can you imagine what it would be like here in the U.S. if we were blockaded for 60 years? The disruptions from just a single year under the pandemic have caused us all kinds of problems here in the United States.

Every president since Kennedy, Democratic and Republican, has maintained the embargo. But the U.S. is very much alone in the world. Last month 184 countries voted in the United Nations to condemn the embargo — as they have every year since 1992. Only the U.S. and Israel voted against this UN resolution. We’re told in news reports that protest demands in Cuba include access to medical supplies, vaccines and the needles needed to administer them. Cuba has a shortage of 20 million syringesbecause of the embargo.

Opponents of the U.S. economic war against Cuba have organized car caravans to protest the embargo across the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and in Cuba itself. This is a video of a rally and car caravan held in San Francisco last month, 3 days before the UN vote.


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